2020 Rub & Sauce Awards

Have a rub or sauce that rocks? We are now taking submissions for the 2020 People’s Choice West Coast Pitmasters Rub and Sauce awards!

There is a lot of competition on the market shelves to get customers to buy their products so you will be judged on the details that go into each product. Taste, appearance, packaging, and “will this become a pantry staple” range. Submissions need to be shipped by the end of November with announcements on New Year’s Eve!

Free to enter, fill out the form for next steps and remaining details.

The new frameless line from Founder’s Choice will be ready to ship in the beginning of 2021! Engineered with a new to market RTA (Ready to Assemble) system, these cabinets will ship flat and save over half the time it takes to assemble compared to other mainstream systems. The benefits of new Interlocking Alignment and Support System will drastically cut time on installation as well.

Time is money and Founder’s Choice saves you both!


Enter Your Sauce and/or Rub


All PurposeBeefChickenPork

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However you define it, West Coast BBQ is unique and can rival any other regional BBQ out there. Whether you’re from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, or California…whether it’s Tri Tip, Pork Butt, Game Fish, Duck, Elk or otherwise, the West Coast is clearly the best coast for BBQ.

Let’s share our ideas, show off our skills, provide guidance to anyone asking questions, and even compete in monthly photo competitions! The prizes are awesome. However being a part of the group has a few simple guidelines:

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